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Strategic Analysis Asia
Greater China

806 Tower A, Freetown Building
58 Dong San Huan Nan Lu
Beijing 100022, PRC
Tel: 86-10-58674455
Fax: 86-10-58673976

Contact: Anne Chi, President

Asia Pacific and Australia
Level 30, Six Battery Road
Singapore 049909
Tel: 65-6550-9827
Fax: 65-6512-1440

Contact: Greg Downes, Vice President

Other Asian offices

India and the Middle East
Strategic Analysis India Private Limited

R-301, Remi Bizcourt
Shah Industrial Estate
Off Veera Desai Road, Andheri (West)
Mumbai 400 053, India
Tel: 91-22-5698-1901-4
Fax: 91-22-5668-0091

Contact: Swapn Swarup, President

Strategic Analysis Japan
Mizorogi No.2 Building
1-4-13, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo 160 - 0022, Japan
Tel: 81-3-3350-8821
Fax: 81-3-3350-0272

Contact: Kenji Nakadate, President

World Headquarters
Strategic Analysis Inc.
4970 Demoss Road, Suite 200
Reading, PA 19606
Tel: 610/320-6100
Fax: 610/320-6101

Corporate: Gregory A. Ramsey, Chief Operating Officer
Chemicals: Kevin Armour, Group Vice President
Diversified Industries: Bruce W. Deckman, President
Healthcare: Erik Nordhoy, President
Electronics/Computers/Telecommunications: Jonathan B. Avins, Group Vice President