Cost and Manufacturing Analyses

SAI-Asia is a leader in developing tools and techniques for detailed cost analysis and benchmarking of manufacturers' operations on a global basis. SAI-Asia offers clients a variety of specific services, including:

  • Detailed analysis of total cost or individual components
    • Manufacturing cost
    • Research and development expenditures
    • General and administrative charges
    • Sales and marketing expenses
    • Technical service charges
    • Other costs
  • Benchmarking of manufacturing and other operations and costs relative to industry leaders
  • Development of managerial cost accounting systems to predict competitors' costs and impact on the client's operations as changes take place

Documenting of costs and financial accounting practices of Asian companies, including those in China, often vary from those of Western organizations. Capital costs often do not appear on the balance sheet. Significant government subsidies are often provided to Asian companies and are not part of their financials. Asian companies are often motivated to employ staff and not to make money. These issues must be identified and understood before accurate conclusions can be drawn.

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