Procurement and Sourcing Alternatives

SAI-Asia works with clients around the world to help them develop a competitive advantage by finding low-cost sources of raw materials and components. China and other Asian countries are a critical focus for clients looking for sourcing alternatives because of lower cost of labor, raw materials, plant engineering and construction, and so forth.

SAI-Asia works with clients to establish the parameters for their raw material and component requirements. Then, SAI-Asia's staff identifies companies that can meet these requirements, including quantities, product specifications, product quality, delivery times, and production schedules. SAI-Asia's staff also helps evaluate the business culture and ethics of these potential partners to determine compatibility with the client's interest and to protect the client's intellectual property.

Meetings with target suppliers are scheduled to evaluate their facilities and capabilities. SAI-Asia then analyzes all information, compares the companies identified to the client's criteria, and helps the client select those companies that are most attractive. SAI-Asia's staff also assists the client with negotiation by setting up and attending meetings to discuss terms of an agreement.

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